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Hello, thank you very much for such a wonderful project, but I had to resort to seeking help, when I go to select multiple photos, it only lets me select the recent captures, the camera photos and others appear in white and are not allowed to be selected, this is normal? is it impossible to fix?

Problem In (NativeGalleryForAndroid)

Edit: i fixt it (changing the GetImagesFromGallery to GetMixedMediasFromGallery) 

for now it works fine

This was a strange solution but I'm glad that it worked ^^

Found your multiscreenshot script on github and I gotta say you saved me a lot of time. Exactly what I needed for making screenshots for App Store and Google Play :)

Thank you <3

Happy to hear that :D

Hello is that your model


Looking at the Java classes, I'd say that the NativeGallery and AndroidRuntimePermissions plugins used in this game are my plugins.

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Tnx but you upload that files 13.August. In im right Because it wasn't before in game. And  files is new. 

And what's that used for? 

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I'm not affiliated with this game; they have probably imported these assets to their Unity project from Asset Store. These assets have been on Asset Store for a long time. You can find a description of each asset in the "Here is a list of my growing number of assets" section.

P.S. You can find the original release date of assets at the bottom of the Releases section in Asset Store.

Tnx you. 

Awesome assets, thank you so much!

Thank you for your kind words :)